London Nov97/98/99/00/01/04 e Jan2008

Friends, London does not need great presentations. This vibrant, multicultural capital is one of the great world-wide destinations. Full of history, rich patrimonic and culture, probably one of the most danymic City of the planet.
- Since brands of design in Bond Street until the pullulates markets of Camden, Notting Hill or Brick Lane.
The capital has more than has 400 places of live music, from opera until the “Brit pop”...
Fryday, (21: 00) - Once there, we followed the signs from the Gatwick train….to Victory Station, we took the New Oxford Street, walked along this street, after few minutes we arrived at Russel Square.
Saturday, (9:00) - We were very satisfied with our stay at Tavistock Hotel. After breakfast at hotel we walked through a bit to Trafalgar Square to see National Portrait.
Saturday, (10:30) - We got tickets to Lyrics London theatre (Cabaret).
Berlin of 1931 a dark and sexually charged haven of decadence, its extraordinary and morally ambiguous inhabitants determined to keep up appearances as the real world - outside the comfortable sanctuary of the cabaret - prepares for the nightmarish chaos of war. At its heart is the legendary Sally Bowles who nightly performs at the infamous Kit Kat Klub in ‘A shimmering masterpiece of a show guaranteed night after night! It’s divine decadence darling!
Saturday, (11:00) - We went to a Coffee...near Covent Garden and the theatres of Picadilly; then check out Coffee was about (12:00h).
Afternoon, we went to visit Stockwell- Is full of Portuguese...
A disaster scene... about half an hour!
When we left tube, i heard Portuguese; there was four persons talking in front of station. I asked them if they know where neighbourhood and best place. The answer was: i could tell you where the worst is… and then someone said, we are going there, if you want, we can go together... well, we went to the opposite way.
Portugal is near Stockwell tube station. It’s an emigrant neighbourhood with Portuguese cafes and restaurants and shops. When you walk on the streets you ear Portuguese. The ads on the shops’ windows of Delta coffee, Super Bock beer and Galo olive oil transport me to the day life in Lisboa. The restaurants have familiar names such as “O Cantinho de Portugal” (the Portuguese corner). When we enter such places we immediately enter another country. Everyone speaks Portuguese, the menu explains in rough and direct translations the Portuguese delicacies. When you ask for a “coffee” you get an espresso with a tiny spoon and a small sugar pack and the TV shows a football match between two Portuguese clubs on the Sport TV channel from TV Cabo, the Portuguese company. Welcome to Portugal!
Saturday, (18:00) - Eating at one of the world's most famous department stores in London's Knightsbridge. We couldn't even afford presents or things like that, only eat there.
Saturday, (19:15) - We went to drink tea before the Lirics at Piccadilly. It was really something watch the british drinking wine on theatre.
Sunday, (9:00) - After breakfast we went to drink a "Coffee" at Covent Garden Market... and return to Gatwick airport.
That's all folks!!!

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